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Hoeken Design Build  |  The Triangle Area of North Carolina


I want to build on one of your lots, but I want to use a different plan.

No worries! We have more to choose from, but not all are available online. If one of our lots will allow for an alternate house plan than the one we have listed, we are happy to discuss options with you: either a semi-custom or custom home. Please make an appointment to visit our office by emailing us.

What is the difference between a custom build and semi-custom build?

Each builder may define this differently. For our team, if you select one of our plans and one of our design packages - we consider this a semi-custom build. Semi-custom homes are typically built faster but have limited customization options.

If you don't prefer any of our HDB plans or pre-selected finish packages, we would still love to serve you! Your project would most likely be considered a custom build. Custom homes allow for a larger array of options, but typically takes longer to build due to those customizations and are therefore more expensive to build. However, we have great people and processes in place to help you every step of the way. We encourage you to book an appointment at our office in Cary!

Can I make minor changes to one of your house plans? 

Yes, there are some instances where we will allow minor changes to one of our house plans and still be considered in the semi-custom category. *In most cases, there will be a fee required for this service.

Will you build a house for me on my land?

Absolutely! We can either build a home using one of our existing plans or work with you to design a custom home that meets your unique needs and desires. Read below about our custom building process. 

How does the custom home building process work with you?

The custom home building process all begins with an introductory meeting with our team where we can listen as you describe what you are looking for in a home and a builder. In this meeting we will share about the company, our processes and team structure and also gather a rough budget to build. Then, we can both decide if we are a good fit for each other.


A lot can be secured with a time-limited, refundable deposit. To design the plan for your home and provide a fixed price to build it, we collect a separate non-refundable design & budgeting fee. 

How do change orders work?

They are highly discouraged as they drastically slow a home's active build cycle. Fees and timeline adjustments will incur for each change order. We typically only allow change orders in custom built homes and/or where financing is not carried by the builder.

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