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East Ellerbee

Durham, North Carolina

Although similar to each other and roughly the same square footage, this grouping of three adorable homes on Ellerbee feature two different plans: The Hillcrest and Blowing Rock. One is slightly wider than the other:

  • 612 East Ellerbee - The Blowing Rock Plan

  • 612A East Ellerbee - The Blowing Rock Plan

  • 614 East Ellerbee - The Hillcrest Plan


Click on each of the houses plans for layouts and images of previous builds. Below you will find listing photos of East Ellerbee and a link to contact our sales team. These houses should be wrapped up and ready for move in soon!

View the Photos

(please note: these images are only to give an idea of the space, not to represent exact selections, colors, or even front elevation.)

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