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About Us

Hoeken Design Build  |  Durham, North Carolina


At Hoeken Design Build, we believe design infiltrates all areas of construction: from the layout, to type of flooring to proper spacing in the kitchen to creative storage solutions, to the focal point of a room. We exercise all the design muscle a budget allows, because we believe quality design is powerful to create functional living, a better product and quality of life. 

+ The Lot

The build process begins with acquisition of the lot. Before and during the acquisition process, we analyze a property’s zoning, topography, and soils to determine its highest and best use.


Currently, we only build spec homes, designed in house, built on our land. 

+ The Plan

Next we will assign either an existing plan or start from scratch.

+ The Selections

Because we primarily function as a spec building company, one of our designers will make all selections for the project. 

+ The Build

The building process can take anywhere from 4-9 months, once all plans and permits are approved. Due to Covid and material delays, construction timelines may be affected.

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